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Welcome to Our Barndominium Life!!  We are your Barndominium experts and your link to great Barndominium designs, construction tips, cost saving hacks, and decorating ideas. Our Barndominium Life™ is the idea and lifestyle concept of self-taught Barndominium designer Stacee Lynn - AKA, The Barndominium Lady™.

We all deserve a home that is a great place to live, provides everyday comfort, and fits our family’s many needs. It's the place where you live, where your family and friends come together, and where you can work and play with equal energy and satisfaction.

The team at Our Barndominium Life™ has ideas to help you - from land selection to Barndo floor plan design to construction tips to interior décor finish out - that will support the concept of everyday comfort blended with a little bit of everyday WOW!

When you complete your Barndo with our advice and suggestions, one of our goals is to have you wakeup daily in your Barndo and feel like you’re on “staycation.” We want you to feel great about your Barndo. If you do, you can help us take Barndominiums to the next level – helping people across the United States turn their Barndo dreams into a stylish, affordable, custom designed home and the way of life that goes with it.

You’ll never look at a metal building the same way again!

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Stacee Lynn - named the premier Barndominium designer in the country by Barndominium Luxury Magazine - is a self-taught designer, contractor, & decorator who built her own Barndo - The Creek House! From her pearls down to her cowgirl boots, she is known as “The Barndominium Lady™”!" She specializes in steel & metal Barndo designs - from homes to accessory buildings for your Barndo compound like guest houses, shops, she sheds, man caves, entertainment Barndos, and even "Toy Barndos."

Her design style features open concepts that make practical use of space so that every room is used almost every day.  And her specialty is finding and styling Barndo “WOW!” within your budget. Regardless of your project size, she will find a way to put “WOW!” in your design. And with that look and feeling, we know that when your project is complete – “You’ll never look at a metal building the same way again!™”

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