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Pricing Your Barndominium

  1. Terri Howell says:

    I am looking for a smaller version of the Creek House.

  2. Deborah Buchholz says:

    Own a 10 acre plot of ground near Iola,Tx
    I have a small business. I am a machinist and would like to have my equipment and home under one roof. We are a family of 6 and have out grown our home in Houston. We have 3 boys and a Little girl. We need the country way of life. My wife works from home, as well as home schooling the kids.
    I would like information on your barndominium/shop designs.

    • Showit User says:

      Deborah – sounds like you have your own little piece of heaven. We do Barndo/Shop designs. We typically encourage folks to keep their shop and barndo separate. If a bank is financing your project – they like that better. Please feel free to call our office or send us an email at info@ourbarndominiumlife.com to set up an appointment.

  3. Erica L Jones says:

    Hello I’m Erica a Trucker that’s ready to match my way of living with my career. Ready to live the big city behind (Chicago) and move to Texas between Dallas and Fort Worth . Looking to find a Mortgage Broker that can assist me in finding a lot / land to build my dream Barndominium on. I’m 50 single and my kids are grown now. This will be my heaven on earth as I’m getting older. I’ve always love nature and it’s time to get closer to it in my own home. Please help guide me to making this dream a reality.

    • Showit User says:

      Erica reach out to our office at 281.592.0298. We may be able to connect you with a Texas Bank and we’d be happy to do plans for you.

  4. Dena Recio says:

    I am considering a barndominium, I am in SC.
    I spike with a local bank and they are not familiar with barndominiums. The appraiser of quite confused on how to comp them….why I don’t know, seems ridiculous to me.

    Can you offer advice on financing?

    How long is the turn around on custom plans?
    What is the pricing on custom plans vs altering plans you already offer?

    Thank you for your time and advice

    • Showit User says:


      It is not uncommon to have the experience you described with an appraiser. In the past Barndo designs have been all over the place from very nice to sort of tacky. The reason our designs are popular is we intentionally design Barndos as residences. They are homes design to have, retain, and increase in value. Banks and appraisers understand that. Let the appraiser know you are build a custom home with metal siding (instead of a Barndo) – they will understand that better.

      We are working on connecting people for financing – call our office at 281.592.0298 for more info.

      Custom plans take 4-6 weeks to complete. Custom pricing is higher that the price for the concept plans on the website – but with a custom plan – you get exactly what you want. some time the price difference in the total picture is really worth it.

  5. Showit User says:

    Janelle – we have several suppliers we work with. Let us know your location. We’ll see if we can get you connected with someone.

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