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Pricing Your Barndominium

  1. Terri Howell says:

    I am looking for a smaller version of the Creek House.

  2. Deborah Buchholz says:

    Own a 10 acre plot of ground near Iola,Tx
    I have a small business. I am a machinist and would like to have my equipment and home under one roof. We are a family of 6 and have out grown our home in Houston. We have 3 boys and a Little girl. We need the country way of life. My wife works from home, as well as home schooling the kids.
    I would like information on your barndominium/shop designs.

    • Showit User says:

      Deborah – sounds like you have your own little piece of heaven. We do Barndo/Shop designs. We typically encourage folks to keep their shop and barndo separate. If a bank is financing your project – they like that better. Please feel free to call our office or send us an email at info@ourbarndominiumlife.com to set up an appointment.

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